Common On-Page SEO Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is about making people stay on your website. Giving them a reason to keep exploring your website is crucial. They might eventually feel convinced to buy what you offer. If you’re trying to do well on corporate SEO techniques, on-page SEO should be a priority. However, it’s not a straight path. You might commit mistakes, and they will ruin everything. Here are some errors to avoid. 

Duplicate content

You can’t publish content that already exists elsewhere. You will turn off potential buyers. They might think that you’re plagiarizing information, and it extends to their view of the brand. The content must be unique at all times. You may cite information from other sources, but you should credit the website. 

If you posted the content that did well before, you could repost it. However, there should be some changes. Tweak the content and include the latest updates. If there are changes in statistics, you must also place them strategically. As long as you can back the data up, you’re good to go. There’s an excellent chance the modified content will also do well. 

If you wish to learn how to reuse content, take it from experts like the New York SEO agency. You want the input of people who know what to do based on previous experience. 

Broken images

Make sure there are no broken images anywhere on the website. They will hurt your SEO ranking. If possible, look for quality pictures and post them on your page. Audiences should also relate to these images. Don’t forget to include alt tags. They serve as a description for your pictures to help with the ranking since photos don’t have words. 

Poorly structured links 

If you wish to improve your on-page SEO tactics, consider having correct link structures. The links must also be within the strategic location of the article. If poorly done, it might adversely affect the way people perceive the content. They might even decide to skip the content and look for other websites. 

Slow loading speed

Moving from one page to another shouldn’t be a problem. However, if there’s an issue with the loading speed, it can turn off visitors. They don’t want to spend too much time on the website. It’s already a tall order asking them to stay on the website. If you make it harder for them by letting them wait long, they won’t have it. They will jump to the next website with a faster loading speed. 

Poorly done meta descriptions and titles

The heading and meta descriptions also play a role in on-page SEO. You want people to feel enticed to click on the content based on the heading alone. The meta descriptions are also helpful since they give Google’s algorithms a brief idea about what the content is about. Thus, you will have better chances of ranking high based on the information presented. Some people would even write the title and meta descriptions last. They wait until after structuring the content first before thinking about the most appropriate heading. 

These are just bumps on the road

If you commit these mistakes, keep trying. It doesn’t mean the game is over because you didn’t do these strategies right. SEO changes all the time. Even the algorithms change. Make sure you keep up with the trends and understand how you can do better with on-page SEO. You will never get everything correctly the first time. There’s always room to improve and rank higher. 

It also takes time since SEO is an organic process of reaching the top. You will do better when you partner with the right agency. 

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