oneplus nord 2 – Smartphones With an Angular Design


The new flagship smartphone from the popular manufacturer OnePlus has been designed for those who want an excellent blend of style and performance. The device, the OnePlus Nord 2, comes with two screens which compliment each other and offer users a unique browsing experience. The first screen offers a large preview of the things you are going to perform while the second screen offers a small preview of what you have to do. The dual screens offer users an amazing experience as they can view the content on their mobile phone screen from two separate angles. The user can access all the information on the second screen, even if they switch the device off. This amazing feature makes the device very useful for those who want to multitask. oneplus nord 2

One of the most impressive features of the smartphone is its ability to offer high-end performance at a very low cost. The OnePlus Nord 2 is an affordable smartphone that has all the features one needs to carry out his or her day-to-day tasks very smoothly. The smartphone’s OS updates are timely and one does not have to wait for the next OS update to improve the device’s performance. The device runs on the Android operating system, which offers great security updates and frequent security updates via Google.

The strength of the device lies in its compact design and powerful hardware. The camera performance of the smartphone is good enough for anyone to use as it offers a resolution of 13 megapixels, which is just below the iPhone 5S and HTC Desire HD, but above the Galaxy S4 and Note 4. The camera performance of the OnePLus Nordic 2 is comparable to that of the iPhone5s and Nokia E71, which are two high-end smartphones with large screens.

The OnePLus Nordic 2 comes with a standard and soft leather case, which is both durable and attractive. The material offers good protection to the device from accidental bumps and sharp objects. However, the phone also sports a metal and plastic frame, which makes it less rigid and more comfortable to hold. One should buy the flexible foam wrist strap for the comfort of the hands, as this flexible foam wrist strap offers great support to the phone.

Compared to other mid-range smartphones, the OnePLus Nordic series offers a slightly larger screen size. This is because the manufacturer realized that people expect bigger displays when buying a smartphone. The large screen size of the device helps people to do more while using the smartphone. It is worth noting that the display size should not be the main criteria when choosing a smartphone, but rather the durability, performance and battery life of the smartphone.

The OnePLus Nordic series is available in two color options – silver and gold. It offers standard pricing when compared to other mid-range smartphone. The device also offers two gigabytes of memory, which is enough for most common files and apps. The price of the smartphone runs from around $400 and can be bought directly from the Amazon online store. Users can also buy the device online and download the Google Play app for free. However, users are advised to opt for the official Google Play Store for purchasing the smartphone.

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